Malibu – I got you B.A.B.E.S.

You love living in the moment, and so do we. You love a great night out with your favourite cocktail, and so do we. You want to look out for your besties, and so do we. Sometimes, though, things we don’t expect can happen – like drink spiking.

Malibu Strawberry has never had such an iconic, pop-culture pairing! This collaboration isn’t just about cocktails; it’s a statement. Get ready to sip on the ultimate pink drink, whilst watching the new Mean Girls, because when it comes to Wednesdays, only Malibu Strawberry will do!

Over three quarters of 18-25 year olds don’t know what to do in the event of spiking. So, Malibu created an easy-to-remember 5 step protocol I Got You B.A.B.E.S, so you and your faves can stay safe if a spiking event happens.

We have partnered with Stamp Out Spiking to offer 800 free 20 minute courses to anyone who wants to be trained on how to act in the event of a spiking.

The course will cover:

  1. The symptoms of spiking,
  2. The drugs that are commonly used to spike people and how long it takes for them to take effect,
  3. The common motives behind spiking,
  4. Different forms of spiking,
  5. Who is commonly targeted in spiking incidents,
  6. What to do in the event of coming across a victim of spiking

Amber Davies

“I have seen first-hand that when faced with a spiking situation, people are often unsure what to do or where to begin. Reflecting on my own experience, it would have been so reassuring for me and my friends to have had access to B.A.B.E.S. We’ve created these practical and memorable steps so everyone can look out for their besties.”

Munya Chawawa

“I’m a big advocate for using comedy and light-hearted content to instigate meaningful change. Teaming up with Malibu on this project hopefully gives us all the nudge to look after our friends and those around us on a night out.”

Meet The Partners


We’ve donated £20,000 to charity Stamp Out Spiking, who are training 2,000 staff at bars, clubs and convenience stores on how to recognise if someone has been spiked and how to care for them.


Drinkaware uses facts, advice and training to raise awareness about harmful alcohol-related events, how alcohol can affect your system and what to do if you are concerned about your drinking.


Good Night Out helps to teach staff and venues how to prevent and respond to harmful events like spiking and sexual violence. Together, we’ve come up with advice to keep you, and your besties safe with our 5 step protocol.


As part of Malibu’s partnership with Foreverland festivals until New Years Eve, 200 staff will be given training on how to deal with a spiking situation. There will be education on spiking provided by Malibu in the Foreverland newsletter and on the website, with Malibu brand representatives offering free water to guests on their way home.

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