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Dive into the Malibu Mango Beachside, where every sip is filled with flavor! With the tropical flair of Malibu Mango and a hint of tangy rhubarb cordial, this concoction is a must for beach parties, BBQ’s, a night in with friends or sipping under the sun.


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Pro Tip: To enhance the tasty beachside vibes of your Malibu Mango Beachside, serve it in a chilled glass with a rim dipped in sugar or coconut flakes. It adds a touch of sweetness and enhances the tropical ambiance of this delightful cocktail!

How can I elevate the presentation of my Malibu Mango Beachside for a special event?

Spruce up your presentation by garnishing your cocktail with a colorful umbrella and a slice of fresh mango. It’s sure to impress your guests and make every sip feel like a mini vacation!

Do I need to shake the ingredients before making the Malibu Mango Beachside?

Yes, it’s recommended to shake the Malibu Mango, rhubarb cordial, and lemon juice together with ice before straining into your glass. This ensures that all the flavors are well-mixed and chilled, giving you the perfect sip every time!

Can I strain the Malibu Mango Beachside cocktail into a different glass?

Absolutely! While traditionally served in a cocktail glass, you can strain your Malibu Mango Beachside into any glassware you prefer. Experiment with different styles to find the presentation that suits your taste and mood.

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