Malibu Peach is your one-way flight to flavor paradise – this vibrant taste of smooth white rum and luscious peach is a summer getaway for your taste buds, without the need for a ticket or sunglasses.

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Malibu launched in 1980 and has since amazed people with its rich flavours and unique taste, so, in no time at all, Malibu earned the reputation as a fun and fresh brand made for those who want to be a part of an easy-going way of life.

For many years, the white rum used in Malibu was produced at a distillery on a beach in Barbados. Today, Malibu is blended and produced mostly in Canada, and we also do some of the production in the US and Spain.

So, pour yourself a glass of Malibu Peach, and kick back because every drop is a reminder that summer starts when you say it does — so get ready to mix up some drinks and let the good times roll.

What cocktails can I make with Malibu Peach?

Looking to add a peachy twist to your cocktails? Dive into the world of Malibu Peach! Mix up your own Malibu Peach Rum Punch or whip up a tasty Malibu Peach Iced Tea. Get ready to do whatever tastes good with Malibu Peach!

Does Malibu peach taste like coconut?

Absolutely not! Malibu Peach is all about that juicy peach flavour, leaving coconut vibes to the Malibu Original and Malibu Black! So, if you’re dreaming of peach waves, Malibu Peach is your go-to sip!


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