Malibu mango sunrise

Malibu Mango Sunrise

Experience the Malibu Mango Sunrise: A Tropical Twist on Sunrise Bliss! This vibrant concoction marries the smoothness of Malibu Mango with the zesty tang of orange, the tartness of cranberry, and the tasty touch of coconut water. It’s a flavor-packed sunrise in every sip!


Shine Bright like a Mango

Now, let’s talk taste. Imagine a sip of summer, with a hint of citrusy zing and a splash of tart cranberry to keep things interesting. Add in the subtle creaminess of coconut water, and you’ve got a drink that is perfectly delicious.

But where did this flavor sensation come from? Well, we don’t really know for sure, but we do know this — It’s a modern twist on the classic sunrise cocktail, infused with the fruity goodness that Malibu Mango brings to the table. So this drink really doesn’t need a cool backstory.

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