Meet Malibu Black – the tropical twist that’s here to bring the summer vibes to the next level. This is not your average coconut-flavoured drink; Malibu Black is the edgy, sassy sibling that adds a splash of summer to your nightlife.

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Made with rum and coconut flavour
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Malibu Black takes the signature coconut essence you know and love, but cranks up the intensity with a bolder, darker twist. It’s a smooth blend of coconut flavour and rum at 35% ABV. It’s like coconut’s sultry alter ego, adding a touch of mystery to every drop.

The sunshine story of Malibu started in 1978 and it was originally called Coco Rico. Since 1980 when Malibu was launched people were amazed by its rich flavours and unique taste, and so in no time at all, Malibu earned the reputation as a fun and fresh brand that made people want to be a part of an easy-going way of life.

Malibu is all about easy-to-make drinks. You can craft your own summer escape by dipping a lime wedge in cinnamon and sugar, pour Malibu Black into a small shot glass and you’ve got yourself a Malibu Black bite. But more importantly – do whatever tastes good.

What is the difference between Malibu Black and Malibu Original?

While Malibu Original boasts its iconic coconut flavour, Malibu Black takes it up a notch with a darker, richer taste profile at 35% ABV.

How do you drink Malibu Black?

Whether you prefer it straight or mixed, Malibu Black offers versatility with its bold flavour. Try it with cola for a classic Malibu Black Cola, a popular choice that’s sure to delight your taste buds!


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