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Ah, the Daiquiri. Even though it was created over a hundred years ago, this sweet and sour classic is being enjoyed around the world to this day. It’s like they say: great taste never goes out of style 😌 Just one sip will make you understand how it stood the test of time. Here’s our take on the famous drink – the same perfect balance with a coconut twist 🥥



Why is it named after the town of Daiquiri in Cuba?

Short answer: Because it was created around there.

Long answer: It’s the end of the 19th century. An engineer that was working outside of the town of Daiquiri wanted to make a drink, and only had rum, lemons and sugar available. Shaking it with ice, he created a delicious drink that was initially referred to as Rum Sour. “Bit of a long name?” he and his friend thought. So, they changed it to the name of the nearby town – Daiquiri.

How did it become famous?

It is said that the creators of the drink went to a bar and ordered a Daiquiri after it was invented. Although the following is not a direct quote, the bartender replied with something along the lines of “huh?”.

He, of course, didn’t know what drink they were talking about. The drink was what – a couple of days old? So, they explained how it was done, the bartender made a couple of Daiquiris for them and their friends, and they liked it too. One order led to another, and here we are.

We’d like to leave you with a thought: If an engineer from over a hundred years ago can make up a drink that becomes a beloved classic worldwide – so can you.

What are some other popular variations of the classic Daiquiri?

There’s plenty of different takes on the Daiquiri, both frozen and fruit ones! Most popular are the Frozen Daiquiri, the Strawberry Daiquiri and – get this – the Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri. There’s plenty more though, just take a look below and find your new favorite.

Malibu Daiquiri
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